Q: What does the Customer Satisfaction Form do?

A: The form was designed to be signed by our customers once the details of the contract are fully complete. This guarantees that regardless of any mishaps the X-Factor Construction team will never leave a customer unhappy or a job site until we’ve completed the job.

Q: What does a lifetime labor warranty mean?

A: This means that if problems arise after our crews leave whether it's 1 day or 100 years down the line, we will fix them free of cost. Of course, this warranty will only be used if it is clear and indisputable that it was workmanship and not other forces like nature or mechanical issues. If it is natural or other mechanical issues, our team will find the best and cost-friendly solution, and again if it turns out to be our installer’s mistake, then we will perform repairs free of cost.

Q: Can you waive my deductible; someone I know didn’t have to pay their deductible because their contractor waives it?

A: It is illegal for any contractor to waive a deductible on an insurance claim as the only way to file for depreciation is to send in a falsified invoice to your insurance company because insurance companies are requiring proof of payment of your deductible before they release the depreciation to you. You can also see this information by googling Texas law HB 2102 or just click the link we’ve provided under tab name Texas law.

Q: How long will this take?

A1:  If this is a roof claim, then, the process depends on the filing of your claim and how long the insurance takes to move forward, your representative will call the insurance on your behalf to help speed up the process as much as possible. Once your insurance has agreed to replace your roof and any other damages your representative captured during the inspection, we can have your roof removed and replaced in one 6–14-hour day depending on the size and complexity of your roof system.  We’ll finish other trades in the same week.

A2: If this is not an insurance claim, we will provide the right amount of tradesmen and manpower needed to achieve the goals of your project in a reasonable time and with the best quality. Every job is different so we will give you an estimated time per your project needs.

Q: Who will do the work, do you use sub-contractors or in-house crews?

A: To achieve top-of-the-line quality and availability, we have put together a bountiful list of proven, trusted, and even licensed tradesmen and subs to be able to always be available to take on a project in two weeks or less. We do not like scheduling jobs out for months in advance since we know customers don’t necessarily have that kind of time to wait around when decisions are made. So, we use both in-house and subcontractors, just depends on their availability.