Promotional Offers


This is our gift to you        

Offer 1:

Do you know someone that could use our pristine services? We will not only be appreciative of your referrals, but we will share the wealth you bring us! That’s right, for each job closed on your referral X-Factor construction team will mail you a check for 5% of the profit we make on the job after everything is completed and invoiced. 

Offer 2:

As the years of working in the roofing industry have passed, 2 things have stayed constant.

1) The hailstorms are relentless and unfortunately will always hit somewhere in the DFW.

2) Homeowners are simply tired of replacing their roofs every time a storm hits.


So, we’ve decided to simply upgrade every one of our customers to an impact-resistant shingle. This upgrade again is completely on us and that’s just one of many reasons why we are the X-Factor when it comes to roofing and construction. Ask an X-Factor team member about the many benefits of having an impact-resistant shingle on your roof.