Cost Estimate

Generally, if the replacement of your roof system will be paid for by your insurance company, our estimate will be exactly what the insurance is paying for and also what they are requiring of you to pay such as your deductible 


X-Factor Construction will also send in any supplemental requests which upon approval will also be included in the cost.

Keep in mind that the insurance companies did not become a billion-dollar industry because they overpay contractors to perform storm restoration services. Insurance companies only pay for what is needed and they generate their price through software that can accurately price out replacement costs. This software uses collective data of costs for labor and materials. So, your insurance costs per unit are a fair market value price.

If you are not replacing your roof through an insurance claim, then X-Factor Construction will provide you with the most competitive bid we can offer to earn your business. Our bids come with a satisfaction guarantee rating because you won't find a better company to purchase a roof from that has the level of customer service, professionalism, and value that we strive to provide.