Some of the biggest concerns for homeowners have been the protection of their belongings, landscape, and home in general. Our top priorities include doing what we say we're going to do, replacing with the best quality materials, and being proactive and prepared to do our best to steer clear from accidents or damaging anything on your property.

  • Our crews will be placing protective tarps over everything that could get damaged or dirtied by the roof replacement process.

  • Your representative will perform a brief attic inspection to verify that no a/c, gas, or electrical lines are improperly run along the underside of your decking. The attic inspection will prevent any puncturing of those lines if they are improperly installed.

You must keep in mind that construction projects are better left to subject matter experts and people of integrity. Many roofing companies maximize profits and save on labor by not removing the current felt as they falsely sell homeowners that the unremoved felt provides an extra layer of protection or insulation. However, we understand that to provide the best quality workmanship of your roofing system we need to address all components included in the roofing system. This includes the inspection of your decking. This can only be done by completely stripping your roof to the decking and removing the existing felt.


Once, our team has verified all your decking is a solid nail-able surface and repairs were done as needed, we will install our top-quality roofing system. Your representative will be there the day of install to ensure the crews have all they need to install the roof safely and correctly. At the end of replacing your roof system, your representative will also complete a walk-through inspection with you to ensure that everything is done by the book, and he/she will also be carrying a bucket and conduct a magnet sweep to check for and pick up any debris/nails that the crew may have missed during clean up.

Fixing the Roof