The X-Factor Construction team can handle any of your project needs that involve kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, painting, and everything in between for interior and exterior work. We pride ourselves on continuing to grow our already very bountiful and trusted vendors list. Each renovation project will have the Project Manager and Quality Assurance representative stopping in to assure the crews have all they need and also help point out and correct a mistake before the process moves too far ahead. We are literally striving for perfection plus a VIP customer experience. While everyone knows construction jobs never go perfectly without unknown variables, mistakes, or mishaps X-Factor Construction truly believes that every job can end perfectly. We won’t leave until you, our customer, have been satisfied when it comes to what you hired us for and sign our customer satisfaction form.


Whether you need an interior or exterior paint job, X-Factor Construction has the painting crews you’re searching for. We prioritize preparation and as needed masking to ensure we only paint what you’ve requested to be painted. Call today and let us show you what our painting crews can do for your project needs.


Our framers love taking on new construction jobs. We can frame anything you need when it comes to wood and metal. Add-ons, custom sheds, pergolas, and tractor custom-built homes are all projects our framing crews can take on today. With access to 17 different framers and their crews, we will always have a team available to start your next project! Simply send over your plans X-Factors Team will get you a bid promptly.


As you know when it comes to cabinet’s precision, leveling, and fine carpentry skills are very important. Therefore we, unless preferred, will use our trusted cabinet builders to craft the elegant and spacious cabinets you’re wanting. We like to take every detail into consideration like what’s going to be stored, how and at what angles do you want them to open, hardware acquiring the most efficiency based on your wants/needs, and kitchen space. And when it comes to giving these cabinets the perfect color you found for your kitchen, we use the top-quality priming and preparation process to ensure the flawless paint finish will last!


With access to the best flooring crews with years of experience and great connections on pricing, we believe we are the best option out there when it comes to flooring. Our crews will not only provide the best quality but also the best availability, and with the great deals we have on flooring materials, we translate that into having a very competitive bid. We will meet and walk with you through flooring showrooms and help find exactly what you're searching for and what product will be the most cost-effective.


With no job being too big or too small, we will take care of any type of concrete work you’re seeking, whether the slab is for a shed, walkway, patio, or foundation we can handle it. Depending on availability our crews own 6 concrete trucks and so that translates into not only a smoother more consistent mix but also a better price for me and you as a customer as well, especially on the big volume jobs. However, we still ensure that before we are done with any job every customer will sign off on a customer satisfaction form, so not to worry your smaller jobs will get consistency and quality of course.



When it comes down to the dirty work our plumbers are licensed and have tons of experience and are sure to be swift and precise with repairs or installing plumbing. You can trust that when you have anything regarding plumbing, just chat with our team and we’ll be sure to solve any problems or provide you with what you’re searching for. 


You guessed it, we’re also a company that has the best, certified electricians out there. That’s because we understand the importance of proper wiring and how it can help avoid other costs or issues. We do our best to anticipate what could be needed when taking on any electrical jobs. Our men are sure to be safe, precise, and accurate when it comes to working on your electrical projects.