Insulation Installation in Room

Insulation & Ventilation


One of the most important steps in putting a roof on or with any structure that requires space around it to function at its best is proper ventilation.  It is our job as your trusted contractor to first calculate the necessary metrics needed to achieve a perfect balance of intake and exhaust, then inform you of our conclusions. If your home is improperly ventilated, you are losing money. Poor ventilation will cause you to have to replace your roof more often as improper ventilation leads to increased granule loss. The granules are there to begin with as the front line of defense from the sun's scorching UV rays, granules can be viewed as the sunscreen for your roof. It’s also important to know that improper or mixed ventilation will automatically void your roof's warranty from the manufacturer of your shingles.

Our representatives are trained to know how to identify improper ventilation and find the best, cost-effective solutions for your home. It is also important to know that each home whether it be a hip or gable style roof is a candidate of its own for certain types and volumes of ventilation.  If you would like to educate yourself on ventilation, it’s my recommendation that you visit Air Vent Inc. Website. As that’s where the X-factor Construction team was trained on the subject and intricacies of properly ventilating a roof.


When it comes to controlling your home’s temperatures this can be difficult living in Texas. Insulation will play a major role in how costly your electric bill might be and having proper insulation can save you money. Therefore, we offer services to add or remove and replace insulation if yours is old and unclean for any reason.

Overall, the process is simple and rarely needed but if your home needs to be replenished on insulation, we can take care of this for you. We also want to point out that insulation is the main reason you don’t know you have a damaging water leak until it's too late. Because when you have a roof leak it generally needs to pool in the insulation before it transfers down into your home’s interior.

This is part of the reason we’ve implemented our free-of-cost roof maintenance check program, you can check out the details here and give us a call if you are interested in protecting your home today.